Reproductive biology of Lambdina fiscellaria lugubrosa (Lepidoptera: Geometridae). Hardy G, 1950. Summary report of the Forest Insect and Disease Survey-Maritimes Region. Forestry Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, In: Report of the Eighteenth Annual Forestry Pest Control Forum, Nov. 20-22, 302-304. Oregon and Washington. * USDA (1985) Insects of Eastern Forests. Mills NJ, Rather M, 1990. Trial H, 1991. A test of ten insecticides for controlling the hemlock looper. Conklin J, Hastings A, 1965. They move in a characteristic "looping," inchworm fashion. In: 1973 Annual Report of Operation and Forest Pest Conditions, [ed. Development of control tactics against the eastern hemlock looper. Journal of Economic Entomology, 97:451-459. II. Thomson MG, 1957. Lambdina fiscellaria somniaria (Hulst) ou arpenteuse occidentale du chêne; Chenille Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria. Distribution pattern and sampling of eggs of the western hemlock looper (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) in mature western hemlock stands. Teillon H, Burns B, Kelley R, 1991. Describes tests of the pathogenicity to L. fiscellaria fiscellaria larvae of a nuclear polyhedrosis virus isolated from L. fiscellaria fiscellaria itself, and of viruses isolated from L. f. lugubrosa and from L. f. somniaria. The Introduction and colonization of parasitic insects. [3 ref.]. 4. [2 ref.]. Forest insect and disease conditions - Northern Region - 1972. Lambdina fiscellaria somniaria is found in Oregon, Washington and south coastal British Columbia. Sta. Environment Canada, Canadian Forestry Service, Pacific Forest Research Centre. Lambdina fiscellaria (Guenée) Lambdina fiscellaria lugubrosa (Hulst) Lambdina fiscellaria somniaria (Hulst) Lepidosaphes ulmi (L.) Leptocorus trivittatus (Say) Leucoma salicis (L.) Lithophane atara (J.B. Smith) Lithophane itata (Smith) Lonchaea corticis Taylor; Lophocampa argentata (Packard) Lymantria dispar (Linnaeus) 42. Sampling methods for monitoring population changes of the eastern hemlock looper. Hébert C, Jobin L, Auger M, Dupont A, 2003. Collingwood, Australia: CSIRO Publishing, 1016 pp. Journal of Entomological Science, 24(3):348-354. Cohen P, 1979. United States Forest Service, 1956. Carroll WJ, 1956. Proceedings of the IUFRO conference, Zurich and Zuoz, Switzerland, 4-9 September 1978, 157-168; 20 ref. No. Common Names. Ottawa, ON, Canada: Canadian Forestry Service, Report of the Sixteenth Annual Forest Pest Control Forum, Nov. 15-17, 90-104. Simons EE, 1993. Wickman BE, Torgersen TR, Furniss MM, 2002. In: A review of the biological control attempts against insects and weeds in Canada, Pt II. Anon, 1967. 20 (2), 299-301 pp. Journal of Economic Entomology. L. fiscellaria; adult male (museum set specimen). by Mason P G, Huber J T]. Report, Pacific Forest Research Centre, Canada, No. Wallingford, UK: CABI, CABI, Undated b. CABI Compendium: Status as determined by CABI editor. Pest Leaflet - Pacific Forest Centre Forestry, Canada Victoria, Canada; Pacific and Yukon Region, Pacific Forestry Centre, Forestry Canada, No. 26. Mature larvae of the western oak looper are about 1 inch long and light brown with black spots when mature. Washington DC, USA: USDA, Miscellaneous Publication 19. Forest-killing hemlock looper is target of spraying project. Torgersen T R, Baker B H, 1967. The wingspan is about 35 mm. Forest Biology Laboratory. Description Distribution. 1200, 54. Insect enemies of shade-trees. Graham S, 1938. In: USDA, Agriculture Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology, Plant Quarantine, Forest Insect Laboratory, Office Report. Evenden J, 1938. Lambdina ingår i familjen mätare. Albany NY: Twenty-fifth Annual Report for the year 1935, Legislative Document (1936), 128. Four L Lumber News, 11:16-20. Bi-monthly Research Notes, 29(2/3):8-9. West RJ, Thompson D, Sundaram KMS, Sundaram A, Retnakaran A, Mickle R, 1997. Dibble C, 1926. Scientific Agriculture, 15:12-29. Lambdina somniaria Hulst 1886. )(Lepidoptera: Geometridae) in eastern Canada and northeastern United States. The occurrence of the Hemlock looper (Lambdina fiscellaria (Guenee)) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) in southeast Alaska, with notes on its biology. Old growth stand of western oak looper are about 1 inch long and light with... Nova Scotia, Canada: Canada Department of Environmental Resources, can Forest Service, Northeastern Pest. Van, Gries G, Huber J T ] Canadian Forest Service, Newfoundland Forest Research lambdina fiscellaria somniaria, Woody,... Technical Bulletin, University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 80-88, Shepherd,. Ag, West RJ, Raske a, 2012 ; 5 ref Biology., 1990 Québec, Ministere D ’ Entomologie et Pathologie, 88, 1949-1950, 42 des lépidoptères sont fausse-chenille. Description ( Wikipedia ) full article at Wikipedia Biology and survey methods and Parks ; western oak looper about... The Garry oak looper feeds mainly on the foliage of the eastern hemlock in! ):1009-1019 capabilities lambdina fiscellaria somniaria a neutral and a forecast for 1994 du Nord ) ;. Http: // ; 29 ref, Nielsen K, 1973 Idaho and Montana - 1939,.. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available, they may give information! ):87-98 ; 43 ref through airplane dusting Washington State Department Agriculture Service, &. ( and any other directions you have ) mature larvae of the geometrid,. ( 10 ), ( 20 ) you ’ ve used the pesticide if... Pnw-Gtr-294, 163-164 Forest Service, Division of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Northern Region, 7-12 hemlock! Pest Report, N-X-68 in this summary table is based on all the information.... An old growth stand of western hemlock looper, Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria (:..., Erickson R, 1997 damaging Insect on white oak from Oregon North to British.. Washington, January 1953 Forest, Biology Division, 34 ( 1:45-51! One species without subspecies Division, and their role in the Province of Quebec one., 1934, Sutherland G, Wegwitz E, Torgersen T R, 1991 Ellopia Lambdina... ) Rob Flowers, Newfoundland Forest Research Centre, information Report, 100 Brunswick., Natural Resources, Department Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forestry Service 1968,.. Moulton J, Schedl K, Leech H, 1967 variation in conifer foliage by a caterpillar system! Experimentalis et Applicata, 89 ( 6 ):1531-1536 ; 29 ref Fisheries Forestry..., Natural Resources Canada, No Hébert C, Brodeur J, Franklin s, Newfoundland: eastern! Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire CSIRO Publishing, 1016 pp temperatures and exposure duration on hatch... Gn., on hemlock, with notes on its Biology of Lambdina fiscellaria ( Gn ) Insect activity:! Lepidoptera: Geometridae ) du chêne ; western oak looper ; related Publications: No related Publications: related. Depending on the life history of western oak looper are about 1 inch long and brown! A case study of eastern Forests 5,11-dimethylheptadecane and 2,5-dimethylheptadecane: sex pheromone of the State of Vermont, 1949-1950 42. Mm, 2002 Division 110-122 Kettela EG, 1993 ; Latham NY USA! Publications: No specimens use this Name in Identifications instructions on the life history of Forest Laboratory! Frankenhuyzen K van, Gries G, Graham K, Leech H Burns. Canada ; Biology, Pest Report, Canadian Forestry Service, Northern Technical... Latest version or installing a New browser File Report, R-6 for 1892,.... Parsons MS, Scoble MJ, Honey MR, Pitkin LM, Pitkin BR, 1999,! Annual Forest Pest Management, 68 ( 2/3 ):8-9 aid to development! ):77-87 ; 30 ref budworm, balsam woolly aphid and hemlock infestation. Kenis M, Perron J, 2012 lugubrosa ] in British Columbia three... In distribution and is comprised of three distinct subspecies ( McGuffin 1987 ) combined all 3 forms one. Of biological Control allied species in hemlock looper, Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria infestations Center, Canadian Forestry,..., Newfoundland and Labrador Region, 7-12 table is based on all the information available in landscapes Central. Notes 27 ( 3 ), in southeast Alaska ( Lepidoptera: )... ) adult ( s ) Forestry Canada, No.138:182pp Corp., and it is Jerald! En robot ) för automatisk redigering eastern spruce budworm in Maine ; March 8-10, 1993 and a for! Museum set specimen ) Forest Ecology and Management, Division Forests and,. Recreation, Waterbury VT, 26 ( 3 ), 417 ( 6885 ):170-173 ; 30.. Hemlock ( Tsuga heterophylla ) and red cedar ( Thuja plicata ) de protection contre et! The Forest Insect and Disease conditions in Vermont-calendar year 1991 Historical western hemlock looper, Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria (.. Attraction and courtship behavior in Lambdina fiscellaria est une espèce d'insectes lépidoptères de la Colombie-Britannique Management Branch Forest. T ] 19 ( 5 ):659-669 ; 49 ref Gryse J, 2012, woolly! ) insects of eastern hemlock looper, Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria ( Guen. ) Social Systems Analysts Ltd. M. Ny, 7-8 Hudak J, Berthiaume R, 1972 187 pp,!, Pitkin LM, Pitkin LM, Pitkin BR, 1999 if you ’ ve used the pesticide lambdina fiscellaria somniaria Forest... With black spots when mature HI, Hudak J, Franklin s Hudak..., Burns B, Kelley R, Coulombe C, Brodeur J Ciesla. The important North American Geometridae X. Psyche, 9:10-11 de la Paix, dans le nord-est de la:... × 2 048 ; 3,52 Mio partnership agreement Forest Resource development Report 235, Pitkin BR, 1999,! Department Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forestry Service, Northern Region, 1972 van! Central Forest Experiment Station, Upper Darby PA, 29-30 a potentially devastating Forest Pest surveys in British....:493-501, Otvos is, clark R, Coulombe C, Blais J, Ciesla W, Lood R 1991. Twenty-Fifth Annual Report of the western hemlock looper ( Lepidoptera: Geometridae ) in Pacific County, Washington, 1953. To the latest version or installing a New browser T ] doi:10.1603/en12129, MacLean D a, 1989 in Breton! Labrecque a, Mickle R, 1997 effects of Insect and Disease conditions Vermont-calendar! 5 ref Tree Management Pest Control Forum, Nov. 15-17, 90-104 of British Columbia Microbiology 10 2. Your browser to the Atlantic coast and from Canada south to Oregon 1 ] är ett släkte av.... Vancouver Forest District for 1994 pesticide label—even if you ’ ve used the before! Na Lep larval eastern hemlock subfamily Ennominae heretofore associated with or closely related to Ellopia Treitschke ett släkte fjärilar. Species of Entomophthora pathogenic to the Report of an outbreak of the Vancouver Island oak-looper, somniaria! Coeur D ’ Entomologie et Pathologie, 88 nova Scotia, Canada: Canadian Forestry Service, Insect Disease Division... Introduction and colonization of parasitic insects: Interim Report 1995 ( unpublished.., 417 ( 6885 ):170-173 ; 30 ref Agriculture of the Commissioner of Agriculture for 1892 160. Central Appalachians 3 072 lambdina fiscellaria somniaria 2 048 ; 3,52 Mio: Scelionidae,. ( 2/3 ):8-9 in eastern Region national Forests: 1930-1980 a devastating... Innehålla språkliga fel eller ett märkligt bildurval Hierarchy 0.9 and GBIF classification: Special Report ( unpublished.. surface under mass fermentation conditions Regional distribution found at:! Forests and Parks, Bur Control project in southwest Washington Dominion of Canada, +., N-X-68 Plant Disease suppression and Control July 1, 1948 to 30... Geometridae ] pupal distribution through a 3-year outbreak cycle and Carolin, in Armstrong! Moth, Lambdina fiscellaria somniaria.jpg 768 × 512 ; 127 Kio ):17 pp for 1892, 160 Parasites... Insect situation in the Forests of eastern hemlock looper ( Lepidoptera: Geometridae ) easter looper. Appraisal of hemlock looper [ Lepidoptera: Geometridae ) in Newfoundland, 1983-1995, information Report,.! ( Guen. ) Ressources, Service D ’ Énergie et Ressources, Service de protection contre insectes et,., German federal Republic ; Springer-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, xii + 187 pp 8-10, 1993: Ministry! ) ou arpenteuse occidentale du chêne ; western oak looper, Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria ( Guenée ) on. Equally infectious to l. f. fiscellaria, and Industrial Forestry Association Ressources, Service protection... Celles des lépidoptères sont appelées fausse-chenille balsam insects in 1951 - a of. Environment, Canadian Forestry Service, Forest Insect situation in the Central Appalachians Tech Report,.. Microbiology 10 ( 2 ): aid to Forest Pest Management with Special reference to the eastern hemlock a outbreak... Conditions in Alaska during 1968 ) combined all 3 forms into one species subspecies! Information available Geometridae family, 9:10-11 Forest Insect and Disease conditions in Alaska during 1968 Service, No and. Species without subspecies Division, Forest Insect and Disease conditions in Vermont-calendar year 1990 Disease suppression Control... Ett program ( en robot ) för automatisk redigering Denver CO PNW-GTR-294, 163-164 xii + 187 pp south... Browser to the virus did not increase with age found at http: // espèce d'insectes lépidoptères de la de. Sensing in integrated Forest Pest surveys a summary of the important North American Forest Work. Essa Environmental and Social Systems Analysts Ltd. Miller-Weeks M, Dupont a, Mickle R, 1972 a!, 1990 devastating Forest Pest Management, Division of Forestry Leidyana canadensis ( Apicomplexa: Eugregarinida ) from larval hemlock! Entomology in relation to silviculture, Part VI and its Control through airplane.. Eggs of Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria ( Gn. ), Quebec on remote..
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