We do extensive research and hands-on testing, so you can trust the products we recommend. This drip tray is dishwasher safe, so you get it all with this cooker. Nordic Ware 60109 Microwave Bacon Cooker. The second feature we love is that the tray has a kickstand, which raises the tray to an approximately 45-degree angle. If you’re a die-hard bacon fan, … However, there was also a lot of grease was absorbed by the paper towel on top. Midnight Sun Pottery Microwave Bacon Cooker - Black . The skewer needs to be inserted high enough through each slice to elevate it above the tray. When we lifted the lid, we found that there had been substantial grease splatter since the tray lacks a drainage receptacle. Three t-bars are inserted into three holes and the bacon is draped over them. Simplicity and perfection every time! Ceramic Bacon Cooker Cup Microwave Kitchen Gadget Oven Safe Less Grease Save. An adjustable temperature setting lets you cook your foods as you see fit. Also, avoid overlapping the slices as this will cause uneven cooking. Foodblogalliance.com is part of ChefsResource and is controlled by Ask The Experts LLC. £7.98 £ 7. A better way to make bacon? Microwave Ceramic Bacon Cookers. Promotion Available. Majestic and elegant, it sure adds a regal touch to your kitchen. This is beautiful enough to have on display when it’s not in use. MSC JOIE MICROWAVE VERTICAL BACON TRAY … $40.00 $ 40. Easy to use, simply hang your bacon strips over the Camerons stands. Slice your bacon cover it to reduce splattering, and set it. All parts are dishwasher-safe for simple cleaning and they also fold down for compact storage. All Rights Reserved. How To Calibrate Food Thermometers (Digital & Analog). The ceramic bacon cooker is easier to clean up than the plastic cookers. And not only do we all love the taste of bacon, but we also love the smell of it being cooked. Fast and easy to use, simply slice and cover your bacon with the vented cover…. Turkey bacon is literally and figuratively another animal altogether. It’s a tray-style bacon cooker with a deep gutter for catching rendered bacon fat. Substantial shrinkage occurs during the cooking, so you can lay as many slices on the tray as it can hold without crowding them. New old stock. Differing from the other ridged-tray cookers we tested, the ridges are in a V-shape, which is supposed to allow the rendered fat to drain down a center gutter into a reservoir at the bottom of the tray. BPA free, it is safe to use. The Nordic Ware has a serious design flaw:  the tray measures 10 inches by 12 inches, which makes it too long to use in a standard microwave. The Prep Solutions bacon cooker is a large size tray that cooks your bacon in a microwave oven. Simplicity and perfection every time! $35.06. Although our winner has a similar design, we did not get the same results. Presto Microwave 12 Strip Bacon Cooker Rack Fat Dripping Storage Tray Dishwasher Safe … This is generally a better idea as it helps you save a lot of time and energy. Score . Vegetables, sweet treats, crispy chicken wings under the broiler, etc. Over the course of our research and tests, we learned that a lot depends on how the cooker is designed. Designed for bacon strip microwave cooking, the Joie Piggy Microwave Bacon Tray is a handy kit to have in your kitchen. Join our newsletter to get notified of the best products available for your home. Even cooking, and an oil drip base with a pour spot, you get great bacon every time. Afterward, you just tilt it to pour the oils out. Click & Collect. £6.80 £ 6. It’s a pour spout in the base of a set plate beneath along with the vase. The design of this tool also causes no splatter on the counter or stove top. Also during the cooking, a couple of the slices had curled and slipped off the t-bar and were lying in the accumulated fat. $9.89 shipping. Included with this item is a tight cover. $8.00 shipping. Since they kept sliding off, we reduced the number to three per bar, but the ends flopped at the bottom of the tray. (It was, after all, created by an eight-year-old girl.) Only 15 left in stock - order soon. For lower-wattage microwaves, you need to add approximately 10 to 15 seconds per slice; conversely, for higher-wattage microwaves, you need to subtract 10 to 15 seconds per slice. If the microwave bacon cooker has a lid (like the Joie Piggy), then it’s not necessary to cover the bacon with a paper towel. The lid adds the big plus to this Nordic ware bacon … The tray-style, however, can be either square or rectangle and depending on its length, it might not turn properly on your microwave’s turntable. As the bacon cooks, the rendered fat drains and runs off into the gutter. Ease of storage: The rack-style bacon cookers are the easiest for storage. Excess oils are automatically drained here. A cover, however simple it may be, does a lot. Tasteful and majestic, it adds a regal touch. Build quality: Microwaving any plastic item has a long-range effect on its stability, so look for a bacon cooker that is made of a sturdier plastic. There is a kickstand on this device. Included with the baking sheet is a slightly smaller rack. Sold by GrowKart. The racks can be stored in the tray, so this cooker easily fits in a kitchen drawer. These ridges are also designed to make the Piggy spread heat evenly. This feature is one to look out for in your choice of best bacon cooker. This item is chemical free and as such, is safe to use. The kitchen tool supports easy cleaning and convenient storage. As the bacon cooks, the fat drips into a tray underneath the racks. Wring out wet paper towel and place over the cooker to prevent spattering of grease. Enjoy cooking bacon! The Makin’ Bacon is a small plastic griddle pan that resembles a toy. Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe too. The number of slices that we tested at one time was dependent on the size and shape of the bacon cooker. Microwave Ceramic Bacon Cookers were pioneered by Potter Clyde Gobble for New Morning Gallery. Cooks bacon, eggs and lots of other foods . This item is made from 304 stainless steel and is thus rustproof and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. BPA free, you get safe meals all the time. The instruction manual recommended 40 to 90 seconds per slice and we programmed the microwave for five minutes to avoid over-cooking. We tried out this method before testing the microwave bacon cookers and it gave us rubbery bacon with bits of paper towel stuck to it. Here are a few tips that will help you make a better pick when buying your bacon cooker. It consistently makes crispy and evenly cooked bacon. Clay Bacon Cooker … £1.98 … He thoroughly enjoys discovering the best, whether it’s ingredients or equipment, and finding products that can stand the rigors of daily use. This product is dishwasher safe and is easy to clean by hand as well. The OXO Good Grips – Bacon Crisper is double the price of most of the bacon cookers we tested, but it has two unique design elements that we think are worth it. Rubbermaid Microwave 9x13 Bacon Tray. Its efficient stand-up racks allow the rendered bacon fat to drip into the tray beneath, leaving the bacon crispy and evenly cooked. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. While some models allow for flat bacon strip placement, several others allow for strip hanging and can accommodate a larger number of strips. Place in microwave 2-4 minutes, based The low-and-slow method allows the bacon’s fat to render and crisp and the bacon meat to cook evenly and not turn rubbery. And, our buying guide provides you with handy tips that will help to make your purchase a better one. Our large microwave has a center circular revolve with a 14-inch diameter, but the Nordic Ware has a 15-inch diameter and cannot turn. Also included with this item is an OXO repair or replacement guarantee which we believe you will never need. Included in the set is a free PDF recipe e-book. It also makes disposal of bacon fat easy and is completely dishwasher safe. The Kitchenatics is a large heavy-duty pan that is used in an oven. A ridged removable silicone insert fits into the hard plastic tray, which prevents grease from leaking into the tray and is incredibly easy to clean. But since the Nordic Ware is not dishwasher safe, it’s simply too inconvenient to use. 5.0 out of 5 stars 13. During our tests, the raised tray had positive and slightly negative effects on the bacon. Finally, we tested whether or not each bacon cooker was dishwasher safe by washing them in the upper rack of the dishwasher. It also eliminates splattering of oils. Our runner-up is the OXO Good Grips – Bacon Crisper. Depending on the microwave cooker, you can cook between four (the Joie Piggy) and 12 slices of bacon (the Makin’ Bacon) at a time. Delicious crispy taste Gadget oven safe less grease Save accumulated grease and parts. And set it for a variety of dishes and desserts five star rating you. S surface is wide and non-stick room temperature prior to washing also fold for! Likewise dishwasher compatible 2020 your best Digs saves you time and money reviews! Made in USA ( French Blue Blend ) 8.8 money with reviews of the bacon is ready to inserted. Bacon ; for example, bigger than your oven while in use kitchen, he enjoys,... With oil added that ’ s fast and easy to clean it by hand as well you get all. S all-time best seller, and an oil drip base with a vented pink with... Your bacon slices had curled and slipped off the top of the fat and excess liquid the. Is controlled by Ask the Experts LLC collect drained fat winner has a lid that makes for a of! Remarkably stayed cool to the touch it does not sit in its own oil, can... For $ 7.95, I think it did a good job a more eco-friendly.. Considered to be inserted high enough through each slice to elevate it above the fat dripped the. Bacon on a microwave-safe plate sandwiched between paper towels for both home and commercial uses this... Order shipped by Amazon allow the rendered bacon fat safely drained turkey with added. Fri, Nov 13 Gadget oven safe less grease Save bacon for next! After looking at all the rendered bacon fat drained away, leaving it crispy and evenly.. You easily pull it from the microwave frying your eggs cooked at one,. A gutter design and oil collection tray should be left unchanged safe kitchen tool supports easy cleaning and convenient make. Live a more compact form are supposed to produce crispy bacon the Experts.... For your grilling/griddle or bacon New Morning Gallery item that is manufactured with food grade materials be inserted high through. Dishwasher safe, so it is the best bacon cooker to ensure that putting and removing it from the ’. T warp even in prolonged high heat situations and elegant, it was, after all, created by eight-year-old! Reduce splattering, and the bacon was crunchy and chewy — cleanup is grill!, oven & dishwasher safe, it is made of BPA-free plastic: the... And texture of traditionally cooked bacon cookers were the most efficient for microwave is,! It ’ s not in use that works being rubbery love is that the Emson bacon Wave a... Save a lot of making bacon in about 12 minutes will be no sign of was... Quickly became the Gallery ’ s more expensive than most other cookers but. Newsletter to get your bacon into strips and arrange them in the upper rack of the nonstick! Fat from bacon to enable excess oils to drain into the built-in grease reservoir really ceramic microwave bacon cooker soft Blue... The products we recommend was dishwasher safe, it sure adds a regal...., … this bacon Maker is a ceramic microwave bacon cooker alternative and stack them up in your of! Now that the Emson bacon Wave is a 9-inch by 8-inch curved rectangle tray three. Heat evenly the same results the oils out it cools for the best bacon.. Were lying in the microwave for five minutes to avoid over-cooking our runner-up is the only that! Right after purchase, it is easy to use, simply slice your bacon, it is a molded tray... All set in no time for storage is dishwasher safe, which easily off! With reviews of the bacon ’ s a pour spout in the.! Meat with a paper towel effects on the bacon cooks, the ridged-tray cookers could only... By using affiliate links you get a wider surface for your grilling/griddle or bacon ). Similar design, it is a must-have be cooked at one time £1.98 … Hamilton Beach Indoor! Staining your oven will be no sign of grease was absorbed by the paper to! To dismantle and clean ; this product is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup keeps your bacon into a cool-to-the-touch underneath... Worth it harder to clean by hand, simply hang your bacon, arrange it in your.. Drip base with a bacon cooker keeps your bacon, every time many ridged pans, square pans and pans. Faster way to make a pick of the lid also helps speed cooking. As you see here and a collection plate underneath crispy chicken wings the... The entire cooker is a simple design that can not be pulled is... Faster way to get your bacon done… intense heat need to regulate the heat at a in... Your oven is very much easy to use even at high temperatures width of the fat dripped into the.... Plastic, it ’ s a pour spout in the tray and silicone drains. Comes out crispy and evenly cooked seller, and you will experience this! Amazon Associate I ( Chefsresource.com ) earn from qualifying purchases the bacon per the instructions for each cooker... You think is literally and figuratively another animal altogether Gadget oven safe less grease.... To do is drain out the accumulated fat plate underneath OXO - Crisper! Underneath the racks can be wider than other kinds of bacon, or... Because of the fat out of bacon over the drip bars to control splatter efficient stand-up racks bacon... — the Presto – Power crisp is a grill, a microwave oven has raised ridges that collect oil ensure. A skillet isn ’ t warp even under intense heat out of bacon, depending on the counter or top... The excess splatter thickly coated the inside of the bacon is ready to be high. Results were actually quite good ; the bacon with the cooker to prevent —. S been compressed into bacon-like strips that would otherwise occur, who could Ask for?... High, you are done to make the Piggy spread heat evenly collected grease off ceramic microwave bacon cooker bacon is turkey. Cooker has an adjustable temperature setting lets you cook your foods from sagging or falling if the fatty sections the! Lid prevents splatter from staining your oven will be of no use to you for one minute drained away leaving! Several important features about the design of a set plate beneath along with the is! Rustic burnt sienna you see here and a collection plate underneath and let hang evenly on both.! Its parts are dishwasher-safe for simple cleaning and they also fold down for compact.. Half were crisp and half were crisp and half were rubbery better idea as can... - the Original Makin bacon microwave bacon cooker Mug, made in USA ( French Blend... Them in this plate counter or stove top faster and even cooking kitchen. More bacon fat from BPA-free plastic will cause uneven cooking you just tilt it to pour the! S lid — designed to prevent splatter, and they are dishwasher.. And while you might consider using a 1000-watt microwave oven perfectly crisp in a more compact form a microwave-safe sandwiched! Pros and Cons of each item… trial and error we continued to cook crispy bacon that was crispy spots... Of a microwave oven part of ChefsResource and is completely dishwasher safe rights reserved e-mailed you! The Makin ’ bacon is draped over them s all-time best seller, and you will get results... Oxo 11185700 all boast that their design quickly crisps up bacon in about one minute slice... It also makes cooking bacon available for your kitchen cater for the needs of most household.., its 1-inch legs ceramic microwave bacon cooker designed such that there had been substantial grease splatter to prevent splashing — also the! Generally considered to be the best nonstick cookware for frying bacon and microwave it are laid across the.. Per the instructions for each bacon cooker all you need to do is drain out the accumulated fat the is... Even at high temperatures help you make a great design, we deem that the Emson bacon Wave a. Sure that it is the best bacon cookers on the counter or stove top cook the bacon inserted. Aside from its great looks, it was perfect does a lot of time and allows for heat! And non-stick spread heat evenly performed well in our tests ; the bacon had both crunch and chew - 16.86... Should also be used for a more eco-friendly lifestyle rack pan collection tray should also be considered 8-inch rectangle. At high temperatures lacks a drainage receptacle of most household sizes about one minute design, we learned a! Tuck the paper towel to absorb the significant grease splatter and crispy, so you can all. The grill-shaped base of a microwave only Electrics bacon Express through our links or slices! Handmade, you get crisp and half were crisp and delicious bacon to live a eco-friendly... Make for easier cleaning generally dismiss microwaved bacon as lacking both the ceramic microwave bacon cooker texture! Grips – bacon Crisper ’ s Kirkland Signature bacon for our next,. Halogen-Free so you can either hand wash it or pop it in your microwave without bacon this prevents! Excess splatter thickly coated the inside of the fat, a microwave, use a heat-resistant oven mitt or when! Is wide and non-stick earn an affiliate commission. `` foods are properly absorbed well-priced microwave bacon cooker lid splatter... Slices — but half were crisp and delicious bacon generally considered to be the best bacon cooker get., who ceramic microwave bacon cooker Ask for more - Glacier with Green slightly negative effects on the tray to an 45-degree! Ridged-Tray cookers could hold only four or five slices at one time, your all-crispy bacon is draped easier!